Martin Logan SL3 question

I'm looking to purchase a pair of SL3's. I saw an add on Audiogon that said "latest bi-wire version". Can anyone tell me anything about the specifics on versions? I.E. How many version were there? What are the differences between versions? Is there any way to identify what version they are? Thanks...
Call ML they will tell you - I had the same questions about the Requests and Odyssey.
Version one is bi-wireable.Version 2 ML used different bi-wire connections and the speakers came with upgraded spikes. The sound is identical.Version one used gold connectors and they were spaced closer together. Version 2 used gold with plastic covers and spaced the connectors further apart at angles.They icreased the price $200 for each speaker as a result prior to the Ascent replacing them at yet a higher price. Hope this helps.