Martin Logan Home Theater

What receivers or separates do people use with Martin Logan speakers (I have Aeons, Cinema, Scripts, and Descent). Has anyone used Mcintosh MX134/MC206 with Martin Logans. Thanks.
I have the same setup as you except my sub is a Definitive Technologies SuperCube Reference. I have some budget restraints, so the only way I could go with separates was to go with the Outlaw Audio 950 preamp and the 770 amp (200W x 7, all channels driven). Although not as sexy looking or full featured as more expensive components, I think they represent an incredible bang for the buck.
I have Odyssey, Cinema, Scenarios and Descent. The pre/pro is a Classe SSP-75, main power amps are a Counterpoint SA220 for the Odyssey panels with a Classe CA-200 for the woofers. The Cinema and Scenarios are powered by a B&K ST3140. It doesn't have much headroom, but I've got a small room for now and I haven't ever pushed the center or surround channels yet.

I've heard the Outlaw 950 and their previous 5-channel amp, and it sounded very nice - truly excellent for the prices, even if they aren't quite up to the capability of some of the more expensive stuff. A friend of mine scored an Outlaw 950 on the used market, and he got what must have been the value of the decade short of free stuff.