Martin Logan Aerius - How to remove trims?

Hello all,

How do I remove my Aerius trims, thinking of changing them to fit decor?

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GOT THE INFO! For those of you who emaile me with the same problem, here you go:

The procedure is actually very simple. Detach all wires/cables. Place the speaker on a couch or a strong supporting surface with its stat panels facing straight up. At the bottom of the panels, unscrew the metal fasteners (two of them) that keep the trims in place. Take a soft mallet and apply a little pressure on the wooden trim rail while tapping gently but forcefully from the bottom of the trim (towards the panel and upwards). The trim will slide off and be released from 3 tiny fasteners (internal clips/slots). You would only have to tap about an inch's distance before the trim rails slide off. Once the trim is off, do the same with the other one. Remember to tap from the bottom of the trim (right at the edge). You can use a hammer with a soft cloth to provide some buffer otherwise you may dent the trim.

You will notice once you take the trim off, you will see approriate clips and slots on the inside of the trim. For reattachment, match these clips to the correct slots on the inside of the speaker frame. Then tap from the top of the trim (downwards) until the fasteners are in place.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
By the way, I got that info from the Martin Logan Club!

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