Martin Logan Aeris i's with Rogue Cronus Magnum

I spoke to the guru at Rogue and he assured me there is no issue with the bizaare impeadence curve of the ML's with their amps. And I have to admit, it's sounds very good but my devilish side wants to upgrade to say, Harbeth compact 7's or something with a more stable impeadence curve. Any thoughts, or am I just being indulgent???
I have not owned Rogue gear, but I can comment on driving the speakers with a tube amp. I drove my Aerius i's with an Audio Research VT-60 and it sounded great. I thought the nasty impedance curve would pose a problem for the tube amp, but even on the 4-Ohm taps it was as loud as my Bryston 3B for the same volume setting on the pre-amp. It sounded better to me than the Bryston, however, because it was more full and smooth. That is just my experience, and others may vary.
What about using the 8-Ohm taps, is that not so good with regard to damaging the amp? I'm new to tubes, so forgive my ignorance. Thanks J!!
I only used the 4-Ohm taps because I believe the nominal impedance of the speakers is 4-Ohms, although they dip much lower at certain frequencies. So I never tried the 8-Ohm taps myself. The previous owner of the speakers used a McIntosh 275 tube amp. but I don't know what taps he ran it from. In any case, I don't know about the Rogue, but the Aerius-i sounded good through a McIntosh or Audio Research Tube Amp.
Mark at Rogue is a wealth on info and he assured me the 4 ohm taps are best practice, I was just curious. I've got a spare pair of small Brit monitors (Monitor Audio MA100's early 90's vintage, made in UK, not China) and hooked them up for grins. Sounded closed in and small by comparison, hooked the ML's back up and melted back into my chair with my ears thanking me every step of the way. My dad has all Audio Research gear and some more recent ML's and his seems to be a tad more analytica, while mine has the more typical tube sound.........vastly different rooms I feel is the major contributor to that though. I'm sold on tubes and ML's so far. Thanks for your input J!