Marsh amps

I am unable to actually hear these amps, Marsh sound design is always rated very well. But I am unsure if they can really run with the big dogs. Has anyone listened to them or own one, in particular the A400 amp. I would be interested in reliablity, sound, build quality and so on.... If what is said about this product is true it is truely a great value. Thank you.
Hi Tireguy, there has been a few threads on this amp. Go to audiophile forums and type in Marsh in the search headlines box. A very good ss amp for the money.
Hello Tireguy Yes this amp can run with the big dogs, and will probably have some for lunch. A truly amazing piece of gear. I have heard in the comfort of my home this amp with my Meadowlark Kestrals and without a doubt my kestrals did some serious singing. Hope you get a chance to listen to this amp. Best of luck
I heard a Marsh A400 and P2000t pre-amp over ProAc Response 1.5s, then same speakers using ARC gear (but for the life of me I don't remember which models). It doesn't really matter, believe me, Marsh aquitted itself beautifully. Now, this was at a dealership at less than ideal conditions (frankly, this dealership at the time could only demo 4 systems - they were moving and had compeletely depleted their stock & demos), but over the ProAcs, I thought it was a pretty even match. No doubt a longer demo would be more informative, but if you just wondered if Marsh is for real, it sure is. (not that it matters, but this wasn't even my audition - I was speaker shopping, and another couple was auditioning the Marsh stuff, and they allowed me to sit in so I could hear the ProAcs).

I could give you the name of a dealer who would give you a good price and probably allow you to demo one. I heard one at his place, and it was quite impressive. It was matched with a Wadia 830 and Meadowlark Shearwaters. You can email for details if you are interested.