Mark Levinson No.37 and 36s Vurs ML 39 CD Player


What do all you audiophile experts think is the better
choice of the Two ML. products. I currently own the
Levinson 36s, but was thinking about saling the unit
and replacing it with the No. 39 CD Player.
All your opinions and suggestions would be helpful

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First off why would you want to do that? Not thats it isnt a good idea but why? I would and here is why, Levinson just released the replacement for the 39 called the 390s and it is much improved over the 39. The 39 is a great player as it is. So can you imagine it to sound even better? I own a 39 and love it the way it is. I will upgrade mine down the road. It costs 1,800 Also the 39 sounds great when ran directly to your amp. Good Luck no matter what you do you have a great front end
If you would consider the new 390s, I would go that route over either of the other choices. The 390s uses the Anagram chipset which is a HUGE leap in digital. If it has to be between the 39 and the 36/37 combo, I would go 36/37.
Don't take my word as the final answer, but it seems I remember my dealer telling me that a 39 used the same transport mechanism as the 37 and the same DACs as a 36, just in a single box. If that is true, you would be going from a 36S to a 36 plus you would lose the benefits of the separate power supplies. It seeems like a step back to me. Perhaps some one more Levinson savy could verify or refute this.
The 39 uses similar DACs as the 36 models(but not the exact same), and has the identical transport as the 37. I would also suggest going to the 390s if possible, but you'd be happy with any of the three, I assure you!
I own an original version of the 39. Yes, the variable outs to the amp sound good, but, if you get rid of your seperates and go to a 39, try a great preamp. I tried the Hovland and couldn't belive my ears. Piano finally sounded right. It conveyed a lot of emotion. I then tried the variable out again because that made economic sense. I couldn't live with that after the Hovland So try that route if you have any money left over. I run the Hovland into VTL MB250 triode monoblocs out to Maggie 1.6's. All wire is Harmonic Technology.
sell the 36s and buy a used360s, way better than any of the rest including the new390s, levinson will even tell you the390s is not as good as a 360s,
Hotrod your way off. Levinson told me that the Preamp section out of the new 390s is from their refrence 32 preamplifier and the the dacs are from an up and coming peice of gear that isnt yet released. If money is an issue I say you buy a 39 and wait until you can afford the upgrade. Good Luck
lev335, only in using a390s as a pre, not as a cd- dac, 360s way better and 32 no comparison, I have both along with33 amps, what do you expect them to say they have to be able to sell both, no way will they make a390s sound better than a 360s, 390s sounds better than 39, not as much info as 360s thru a 32. being in the industry ive heard just about everything on the planet, even though everything is personal taste, just like you trying krell, you have to see for yourself. mike.acoustical engineer for M L.
I'd just like to hear the new 390S. Has anyone? Cheers. Craig
garfish, yes the390s is a fine piece just as the39 is, just not in the same way as a360s transport combo, the390s is better than the39 in every way, all levinson gear is world class , mike.
Hotrod; thanks for the perspective. I use the ML 37/360S combo and consider it outstanding. Craig