Mark Levinson 436 vs. Theta Citadel monoblocks

I'm thinking about to get either one of these to match Dynaudio S5.4, I know they are both good amps, can't decide which is better for S5.4, I like a slight warm sounding, but still with details, big sound stage, not too forward not too laid back, any members had them before? thanks!
I have the Levinson 436 Monoblocks and would be glad to speak with you offline. I have not heard the Theta's.
I had the Theta's and they sound pretty much the same as your description. Biggest soundtage I've ever had.
I've really enjoyed owning the 436 amps. They are relaxing, yet detailed, have great grip and control of your speakers, the imaging and soundstage are first rate, and the tone nuetral to a little on the warm side. To no surprise they do run hot, and the fan/chimney system does a good job. If you can swing it provide a dedicated line to each amp in a poor man's balanced configuration. Also I've had great success with Synergistic power cords/interconnects, and speaker wire. As for the Thetas, I've not heard their amps but assume like other Theta products I've heard sound very good. I'd be glad to speak with you offline also.
Tom, The Citadels are a huge upgrade from the 436. The fact that you need an amp that can follow a difficult load, (Dynaudio) makes this a no-brainer. I would advise two seperate circuits for AC. Good luck finding a used pair. They are most folks' last amps.
Thanks everyone, the newest Citadels are 1.5, anyone one compare the 1.5 to the original Citadels? very interested in 1.5s.
I tried Citadel 1.5 on my S5.4, they were too bright for my system, bought a pair original Citadel, very happy!