Mark Levinson 33H vs Edge NL10

How would you compare the two with regard to soundstage, detail, warmth yet neutrality, natural presentation
i owned the #33H's for 3 years (and the #33's for a year) and have listened to the NL-10 a few times during shows. the main shortcoming of the 33H compared to the NL-10 is a higher noise-floor.....which allows the NL-10 to reveal quite a bit more detail. also, the 33H is a little darker sounding and slightly closed in on top. the NL-10 is not quite as refined sounding as the 33H, but has a slightly less 'solid state' sound......a little more natural and organic. neither amp is a bass-slam champ.

i like both this point the NL-10 would be my choice between these amps based on my particular priorities......but i really enjoyed my time with the 33H's.

i think the 33H's are showing their age.

I agree with your assessment that the ML 33H is a little darker sounding and more refined. I feel the "Solid State" sound is due to the use of Nordost Valhalla IC's. I swithed from Valhalla IC's to Purist Audio Venustas and the solid state sound vanished.

Chuck, when i had my #33H's i was using Transparent Reference XL interconnects and speaker cable (certainly no edge in those). i agree that the Valhalla would not be an ideal match with that set-up.

my 'solid state' comment is only in comparison to the Edge NL-10.....which to my ears is one of the most 'tube' sounding ss amps i have heard. in retrospect it may not be fair to suggest that the 33H's sound solid most other ss amps sound more so......but......this is a high priority for me so hence the comment. i was simply trying to point out the differences that i perceived between the amps.
I agree with most of what was said above, living now with the NL10 a few years and having auditioned the #33 for a few hours, and the #33H for a little bit longer (though that was a long time ago in a galaxy.... well, you know). I owned (and still do) the Levinson 20.6 reference monoblocks, the precursor to the #33H and considered upgarding a number of times... but...

The #33s can seem a little lifeless, in comparison with the 20.6 (which, however, was more grainy) and especially in comparison with a fast amp like the Edge. However, the NL-10 is a stereo amp and the Levinsons, being monoblocks, will likely have better separation and slightly improved (wider, deeper) soundstaging.

JFYI, the Edge also builds monoblocks, the G8+ and the Signature Ones, both laser-biased like the NL10.

-Mike (Edge dealer guy)