Mark Levinson 31.5 vs. CEC TL0 MK2

Does anyone have enough experience with CEC to cmpare it to a Levinson 31.5?
we already compared them,
system was ML30.6,ML32,HALCRO 68,wilsom gr.slamm and xs with ML 436 all cables were synergistic des.ref.squared.
and TL-0 MK2 was much better.
also, in my system i already used 31.5 and burmester 969 and TL-0 MK2.
you can compare the TL-O MK2 with teac p-0,pitracer... but not with 31.5

Levisons transports, although they incontestably more interesting then their CD players but still are very ordinary sonically. Their most expensive model is more amusical then CEC’s TL1 (that is not very good transport to begin with) TL0 is the VERY different dimension form TL1 and it could not be even projected to what Levisons can even to dream… TL0 is insultingly good…

Romy the Cat
It would sure be nice to have those two responses translated into coherent English!
dear mr. 914nut ;
sorry,english is my third language,
but i think as a all smart people who know very well english ,you can understand our no-coherent english.
but if you dont, just dont read them.
Hey, Nut.

Who said that English is the only *something* that your multiple-choice awareness is capable to understand? Coherency is a subject of your unfortunate *ad homonym* perception only and if you suppress a Language inside the limitations of you narrow capacities then it is up to you to harvest the consequences. Nut, if you are not tuned to comprehend anything different from what YOU believe is “normal” then you demonstrate only your personal weakness but not somebody’s limitations. Go to a damn “community college” and learn basic linguistic skills before putting your challenged grasping ability in a position of a bellybutton of universe. A really need somebody whose kids understand the language of belching and farting better then the language of Shakespeare to give me the lessons how to express my thoughts... Also, regarding you attitude…. perhaps you might start of thinking why TL0, as the most capable 16-bit transport, (or arguably…. why ANY audio component) was designed and produced in non-English speaking country.

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Romy the Cat
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Hey Gamp--
You misunderstood my meaning. Assuming you have experience with the CEC and the Levinson in question, I'd like to understand your opinion regarding the two.

Since no one else has stepped forward and offered a translation, here's what I've determined you attempted to say:

"Levinson's transports, although incontestably more interesting than their CD players, sonically are very ordinary. Their most expensive model is more amusical than CEC's TL-1, which is not very good to begin with. The TL-0 is insultingly good---in a very different class (assumed: superior?) from the TL-1---and is far better than Levinson can even dream of offering."

Is this fairly accurate?

Since you remarked that the most expensive Levinson is "more amusical" than the TL-1, am I correct in assuming that you consider the TL-1 amusical in itself?

What do you consider the most salient difference(s) between the performance of the TL-1 and that of the TL-0? Really---I'd like to know, since I have a TL-1X and might consider the purchase of a TL-0 if, by doing so, I could improve my system.
NO offense Verybigampm,but this is the second post I have read of yours and you ARE a pompous Ass!!! give insight not criticism.
I am nor offended at all. I even accept it as a compliment. The last time I had the same compliment was when an Army’s drill sergeant told me that I am idiot who is so stupid that I am not qualify to serve in his squad…