Marantz SA11s1

I have noticed several of these players (3 actually) for sale on A'gon recently. They have received what appears to be good press but none of these players have sold based on no "Sale pending" or "Sold" appearing in the ads over a good bit of time. Looking at the number of views, it appears people are interested. The prices look good also.
My question, is this a good player? Based on reviews, it is said to be better overall than the comparably priced Sony xa9000es in both CD and SACD performance.
I'm looking for a warmer sounding 2 channel player for a system I'm using but with great transparency. (My first choice is the Ayre C5xe) I haven't seen much talk here about it and was wondering what the concensus is and what type of systems it is being used in. No dealers have one in my area to listen to. However, I have an opportunity to purchase one new at an attractive price (special order-takes about a month-they are currently back ordered.) I also have a chance to purchase the Ayre player at a much higher(but good price-special order-takes a few weeks) Just trying to see which way I need to look. Thanks
I just bought one of them...I assume lack of coverage because it is a major label product. I also acquired the matching Marantz integrated...i have had it for a number of months. I am very, very pleased with the performance....this is coming from someone who enjoys tubes but can't deal with them right now...time constraints. To answer "the" question, is it tubes?, but real good...and soundstaging is of most importance with me....I need the 3D. I am also vinyl orientated with a predisposition against digital b/c of past experience...Transrotor with ZYX Airey. I hope the sa-11 gets it done....the integrated has so far...including the phonostage.
Hi from down under...
In my system ,I was unable to put up with the mid bass,which appeared to my ears to heavy,otherwise it was very smooth and nice...thougt the modified Marantz 63SE I had at the time was overall a more neutral player...bought the Audiomeca Mephisto ,which is IMO a better overall player...the Marantz was certainly well made and I tried several interconnects with it,to see if that sound was cable dependent,it was not...hope this system KR Audio Kronzilla,LaLuce Turntable,Horning Alkibiades speakers,VDH Speaker cables...Regards Helmut