Marantz SA-15S1 SACD player

Does anyone have any experience with this new player and how it might compare to the SA8260? Have there been any reviews of this player? Thanks.
Go to the Marantz USA web site and look under news. There is a link to a review.
I haven't heard it yet, but I do know that it uses the same cirrus logic dac chip as the 8260, and that it does not upsample redbook like the sa-11.
I have a 3 or 4 year old SA-14,different model, my son has the 8260. He wanted to hear the difference. So I took his and added it to my system and turned it on. 3 days later, after, it got up to speed we played a piece of music that had just been played by my SA-14. There was no comparison. The SA-14 was superior and he was pissed. I do not know the SA-15 but assume it is a later or newer model and so assume it is better and you should get similiar results.