Marantz PM6005 with Zu Omens?

Hello, I am planning to buy Zu Omens (my music tastes include jazz, folk, and a little bit of orchestra, pop, and rock). Does anybody have any experience using the Marantz PM6005 (or Marantz PM6004) with the Zu's?

I know it is a solid state amp but I've seen that Zu also recommends the Peachtree Decco65 (which would be my second choice). I'm also looking at the Red Wine Audio Signature 16 which would definitely work well but I'm not sure if I want to break my budget that much (my budget of $2000 for speakers, DAC, and amplifier).

I should have also mentioned that I listen exclusively to Redbook or better resolution digital music, although I might dabble into vinyl LP.
So, here's an updated post to follow up with this thread in case somebody in the future is interested. I decided NOT to go with the Marantz. Although I did not hear the amp, I think a tube amp (or tube-sounding solid state amp) would be the optimal pairing for Zu Audio speakers, including (but to a lesser extent) the Zu Omen.

I have actually found a pair of used Zu Soul Superfly speakers available online for not significantly more than a new pair of Omens so I have decided to go with that speaker. I have built a Bob Latino VTA ST-70 amp ( The pairing still needs more hours for break in but initially it sounds amazing and seems to be a really good match.
I have Soul Superfly speakers and have been looking at that same kit amp. Did you get any of the options on the amp? Are you using EL34 or KT88 tubes?