Marantz 8001SA vs. Cambridge 840C

I am in the market for a CDP in the $1-1.5K range and I am considering these two players. I had a chance to recently listen briefly to the Marantz and it sounded pretty smooth. I would appreciate any comments from people who have compared these two players. Is the Cambridge worth the extra money? One advantage the Cambridge player has for me is the balance lines which would feed a KAV400xi.
Thanks you.
If you're really looking for the best CDP under $1500, then the 840c is a must listen. IMHO, it will give you features (digital in/out, upsampling, balanced out), detail and dynamics that you just don't find much in this price range. Of course, your mileage may vary so if you can, get one on eval and compare it to others.

There have been tons of threads here on A'gon and on AudioAsylum about the 840c but don't recall and can't find any comparisons with the SA 8001.
I have owned both, and wound up keeping the 8001.
To my ears and in my system, the 8001 has a blacker background, more low level resolution, more space between instruments, and slightly more depth.
The 840c is a touch smoother, and has a little more warmth in the lower mids, however.
These differences overall were very subtle, and not night and day by any stretch of the imagination.
This conclusion was came to after extensive head-to-head comparisons both in my home rig, as well as on my reference headphone system as well.