Marantz 7706 or Anthem MRX 740


I would like to get some inputs on choosing between the Marantz 7706 Processor or Anthem MRX 740.  First I have set the budget for a new toy at under $3K.  I do have a seven-channel AMP I can use for the processor or could even use for the Anthem if I choose.

I have a 5.1.2 setup with B&W 705s as the mains and another B&W as the center channel is a B&W.   It's mix-use with some two channel audio and movies.  

I was going to go with the Marantz since that's what I'm used (moving from their 6011 AVR) but people keep saying that I should go with the Anthem for better processing and ARC.  Note this is basically a living room with a couch and chairs.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

In a nutshell, the Anthem will sounds more neutral with more upper-level detail and have better room correction and is the more reliable of the two.  The Marantz will sound fuller and warmer with less treble detail.  Best of luck.