Marantz 2325

Would like some help for speaker and interconnect cable choices between my restored and improved Marantz 2325 and my heavily modded Rega Saturn and B&W monitors...
This is a bedroom system so, if possible, i would like quality AND sensible pricing! [whatever that is anymore...:) ]

Thanks to all,

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does your 2325 still use pins for speaker cable connections, jake?

if so, belkin makes a "silver series" speaker cable which is actually very good (and it's been on close-out for a while) for which you can buy screw in pins. i use them on my marantz 2216 and they sound great, it's nice not having to fiddle with bare wire or trim it back when it gets oxidized.

also, on interconnects, i've found that the marantz is very forgiving, so i use some brighter cables to eek the most detail i can out of it. mac ultra silver+ cables are silver and they do a nice job on mine.

good luck.
Hi Dcrugby,

I have converted the speaker inputs to spade you ,i am looking for something alittle on the bright side for interconnects and speaker cables as i agree i need to balance that awesome bass!
nice upgrade, that certainly helps the speaker cable search.

as i said, the mac ultra silver+ cables sound great on mine. many cables, as you know, sound too muffled on old marantz gear - cardas, for example. so i would tend to get a cable with some silver in it - another cable i've had great success with (on the marantz and pretty much everything else i've tried it on) is the van den hul bay c5 hybrid, which has a silver-plated copper conductor and just sounds "right" everywhere to me.

interestingly, i've had very pleasing results using matched digital cables as interconnects (for analog, that is) on vintage gear. i don't know if something about their impedance works on old gear or what, but i still use some audioquest yiq-1s to connect the audio signal from a cable box to the marantz and i like it a lot.

speaker cable is more flexible with the marantz, the belkin i mentioned earlier would still fit your needs, i think, and if it can still be found on sale, the price is ridiculously low. i can't speak to too many "bright" speaker cables, as in general i'm trying to minimize brightness, but if you REALLY want to get bright, some nordost blue heavens or red dawns would do that (blues, particularly). audience conductor (konductor? can't remember the spelling) would probably sound great, too, if you could audition it.

good luck!

Most interesting using the digital in place of analog....One of those "i don't know why but it works" moments...:)
Thought of Nordost for a second also but probably TOO MUCH of a good thing!

Both the speaker posts and inputs have all been changed to a Rodium type rca.
Will get back to you with results, thanks!