Does anybody have any  experience or comments regarding the $220+  MAPLESHADE INTEGRATED RECORD COUPLING SYSTEM?Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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you can get the feet from many places for a few dollars, get a butcher block made for a few more and some brass cones made in a local machine shop for much less then you think. so IMO over priced. I'm also a little sceptical of all those interfaces between brass cones - wood block - footers stacked up, can't be the most stable thing around but that's just from looking.  

do it your self and save half the cost and support a local shop. 

As a do it your self type it shocks me at what people will pay for their stuff.  

nope have not heard the turntable system but have dealt with their racks before friend has them, I wasn't impressed for the money he spent, just didn't seem to have much $ value IMO for what you get. racks are a little shaky if you ask me they need diagonal stabilization. 

ok i probably have attracted the rath of Elizabeth.
Hate to brake it to you those little points under that brass piece are really difficult to machine and if you make it without those points it is worthless.  So for a DIY piece of advise it ends up being an inferior sounding waste of time.  A local machine shop won't be able to make those points for the price of that Mapleshade makes them.