Magnets on cables?

I recently tried an experiment just for fun and I ended up with great results. I put multiple sets of two very strong magnets, facing each other so that they are attracted to each other, on any given cable (power, interconnect or speaker). These are the magnets I used.
I had the most noticeable results with interconnects and speaker cables but I also got good results inside my SACD player, on the internal wires. I don't know all of the technical terms but to me it made the sound fuller and smoother. Since the price of the magnets is low, I would recommend getting 10 pairs and try them in different locations and in different combinations. I would love some feedback to let me know whether I am just imagining the differences or not.
There is a thread somewhere about "faster than light" cables that were designed by god and explained to some audiogoner in his dreams. God wants you to have the better cables, more than he wants somolians to have food. (sorry. couldnt resist ;) )

Anyways, they had something to do with magnets on the cables. it gets pretty interesting sometimes, never saw much in the way of explanation though, honestly i was more interested in the controversy. You oughtta look for it and check it out.
Did you remove the magnets from the brackets as it suggests? or just clamp the whole schlabang on?
These forums are very helpful. I have always wondered what was the correct spelling of schlabang. Thanks Slappy.
The cables that Slappy, ever so articulately describes are Virtual Dynamics. I have met the owner and was very impressed by his products. I have two of his cords right now.

Who are we to argue his experience. I did not see anyone teasing the author of the thread that suggested some of the 70's rock stars were creating such great music because of the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drugs and booze are okay, but God is out??? I prefer to think that God would add more to creativity than drugs or booze, but then again look at Slappy! : )

I still love you Slappy : )
Well, if God was gonna have a "earthly" hobby, im sure this would be it. He is definatly in the right tax bracket to afford such outrageously priced gear. LOL
We've got water cables, cables that glow in the dark and cables with batteries on them, so why not? Gotta keep an open mind. A closed mind gathers...nothing.
Slappy - God doesn't have a tax bracket. You're thinking of Satan, the inventer of the IRS.
You guys are all correct about God and Satan, but as for magnets, my understanding is they form a field around the wire sapping off RF and EMI.

Depending on how much problem was there to begin with, it's possible for the magnets to help, although my experiments way back in the 1980's with Audioquest clip on magnets, provided either no results or negative results in the way of "compression" of bandwidth.

I suspect there are so many factors at work here, one would have to do the experiment for themselves. Good news is the magnets are cheap and you can give them to your kids to play with if they don't help the music.

Oh yea, my thanks to Slappy as well for his clarification of the word "schlabang." Lets hope this becomes part of the audiophile dictionary of descriptive words. Perhaps it will show up in Absolute Sound, a few issues from now.
Its Possible that a magnetic field may be our highway to a higher power. Man that was deep. I better lay down.
Man, I don't know why I read any of this stuff. I hit that "highway to a higher power" and now I hafta go change my underwear...

I guess this is kinda similar to the Bill Engvall line about "did you hit a deer?", only I musta hit the whole shlabang.
Common sense would dictate that placing magnets next to ANY wiring would induce an EMF that would degrade the signal, not improve fidelity (i.e.: shielded front/center channel H.T. speakers).

Of course, if common sense prevailed, we all would find another hobby besides high-end audio :-)

I did not remove the magnets from their brackets. I find the brackets make them easier to use because it gives them a bit of space between each other.
Wouldn't the magnets have the same effect as a ferrite core?