Magnepan Service FollowUp

In fairness to Magnepan I wanted to post the end to this story as Audiogon squashed the original thread. I got in contact with Wendall Diller via email. I found out that we were both victims of circumstances and bad timing.

Magnepan's key person for handling the service and repair area had an accident with a long recovery time and that threw a wrench into what we were trying to do.

As is often the case, communications problems exacerbated the situation despite perfectly good intentions from both sides.

We are all on good terms now after we better understand what was going on. I think I have the speakers sold and I am planning my Merlin VSM based system upgrades.

All this being said if Magnepan had just made the email addresses available much of this would have been easily avoided.

Lastly, just to be clear, this transaction was done through Audiogon. I would never think of starting a thread for a problem I had which had nothing to do with an Audiogon transaction.