followup to linn mixing

Well guys, I got my Keilidhs and man do I love 'em. Even off a nasty roundy-sound receiver. After much late night web shopping, I finally bought a Classik from this very site. The price was right and it included a pair of AV5110 speakers, which will be a nice match for the Keilidhs (as a surround speaker in the theater). For half the price of the Majik/Mimik combo, I can now afford to consider a Genki or other CD player in the future, and add amps, etc. Many thanks to all of you who were so helpful--you're all a credit to this site. Once I get the Classik up and cookin, I will report back. BTW--Joolz, if I find another powertek, I'll let you know sooner this time!!! Thanks TONS again!
Ehm3 Congratulations! I missed the previous discussion on Linn equipment. I am a huge Linn fan and have an all Linn system myself. I listed to many, many different brands and I felt the Linn sound was the best. If you can, stick with other Linn components for your system because they all match well together. Also, I have tried other interconnects and speaker cables, and I think the Linn ones work the best. Good listening!
Well, after about 2 weeks of listening to the Classik/Keilidh system, I am here to say-WOW. This system does nothing extraordinary--it isn't the highest resolution, doesn't have pounding bass, no characteristics that jump out and grab you. Definitely no audiophile appeal. But, if you sit down, pop in a disc, and listen to 2 songs, you will listen to 3..then four, then you'll start pulling more CD's off the shelf, is simply the most satisfying, engaging sytem I have experienced. And I have listened to lots of "good" stuff--Levinson, Classe, Meridian, B&W, etc. Not everything, by any stretch, but lots. Goofy, huh? Just that little box. I can't wait to start adding more power, etc. But, I am not in that big a hurry. It sounds great right now. To all you Linnies---YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!!!!! It's about the music.
I got so fired up, I forgot to ask---I am currently using basic 16 ga wire. Is the Linn K400 the best wire to use, or should I look at some others too? I need about 12-14 ft runs, prefer biwire. Cost is somewhat important, but I am willing to spend to get the right stuff. I plan to add Linn amp(s) eventually, so a one time purchase is more important than price.
Ehm, i had very good results with Discovery 1 2 3! I had K-400 for almost four years, and 1 2 3 were much beter at detail and much, much better at bass.
Ehm, Discovery have their web-site, also 1 2 3 was recommended by Stereophile last few years. So if you are able to find last October issue, you will find when was auditioned. I bought mine on Audiogon, 8' biwire for $150. New runs for $300.
Try the mapleshade cables. These are awesome, especially with linn gear.