Magnepan 1.7 -- or VMPS RM-30

I am at the crossroad of choosing between Magnepan 1.7 and VMPS RM-30, and not sure which one should I go with. I would like to hear your opinions on the sound and preference between those two and why. Both sound good to me when I have audited at different locations.

My electronics consists of Classe CAM-200 mono amp, Conrad Johnson PV-10, and Lexicon RT-10 CD player.
How much money for the VMPS RM-30's?
VMPS RM-30 used cost around $1700.
I run VMPS FF3 SRE speakers with Classe amps, Lexicon RT10 and a tube pre. I owned Magepan aswell as Innersound Electrostats. VMPS for me gave me way better bass that combined the best of dynamics with Planars. I have had my VMPS for 6yrs now with no upgrade plans.
Chadnliz, what Magnepan model did you have? Do you use subwoofer(s) with the maggies?
I had some 1.6 models but no did not use a sub only because didnt have funds but have heard great sound with 1.6 combined with Vandersteen aswell as JL Fathom. Fast subs like these or even Zu Audio can give you 95% of a 20.1 rig at a fraction of cost. VMPS combines the bass, cost and performance in one package, a bit more revealing but great performance with right gear, Classe power sounds great. Cheers