Maggie surround system

Does anyone have any advice or first hand knowledge on a Magnepan Home theater set up? I have a pair of 1.6's and am thinking of doing a system with all Maggies. Thinking of the MMG in the rear. any thoughts? Also what sub would you reccommend? Thanks Don
I heard an all Maggie surround system two years ago at CES, and It was wonderful. They were in a large space at the Gold Nugget, away from the traditional show sites.

I do not remember the sub used, but still remember the ultra low distortion and beautiful textures the system delivered.
Maggies sound great in a surround sound system. I use a Velodyne F1000 - 10" woofer with 80 watts - very low distortion, and most important for matching with the maggies, VERY FAST. Whatever you get, I have found that subwoofer placement is critical. I have had the best luck thus far when I consider time-alignment of the subwoofer with the bass panels of the Maggies. When they are time-aligned, the subwoofer disappears. Don't go for the showy effects - try to get the subwoofer to be solid, add a sense of fundamentals to the music, without intruding. Brian Richardson
Thanks for your information, it was appreciated. Don