Mackie 824 vs Dynaudio BM 5A

I am considering active speakers for HT use. They will be used with a sub. in midfield listening position (12ft).

I like to keep cost below 2K and I am considering the Mackie vs Dynaudio. Which one would be better for this application?

The larger woofer in the Mackie may play louder with less distortion. Depends on the size of your room. It's easy to for the volume to keep creeping up in a good action movie. I would also put a lot of weight on the subwoofer in making your decision.

I considered both when I went to active speakers and end up with JBL LSR4328P monitors and LSR4312P subwoofer in my main system and KRK VXT6 in my office system. I can recommend either without hesitation.
Also consider an ADAM A7. I would definitely complement any of these with a subwoofer, since studio monitors don't really have the bass volume and extension necessary for HT.
Been there, done that. IMHO small mixing monitors work better for nearfield listening and smaller spaces. I did not like the sound for my HT - the sweet spot was too small and there wasn't enough dynamic range to make a good presentation.

If you are really determined to use active monitors then I feel that there are really only two good alternatives: Meridian and PMC. Are you looking for 5+ channels, or two-channel only? You could probably do used PMC for <$2K; Meridian would be tough.

Or... multi-channel HT amps are pretty cheap. get a pair of semi-efficient mini monitors and call it a day. I like VS-1s but there are a ton of other great options.
bm5a is more detailed/neutral

mackie sounds fuller/warmer