Mackie 824 vs Dynaudio BM 5A

I am considering active speakers for HT use. They will be used with a sub. in midfield listening position (12ft).

I like to keep cost below 2K and I am considering the Mackie vs Dynaudio. Which one would be better for this application?

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Also consider an ADAM A7. I would definitely complement any of these with a subwoofer, since studio monitors don't really have the bass volume and extension necessary for HT.
Been there, done that. IMHO small mixing monitors work better for nearfield listening and smaller spaces. I did not like the sound for my HT - the sweet spot was too small and there wasn't enough dynamic range to make a good presentation.

If you are really determined to use active monitors then I feel that there are really only two good alternatives: Meridian and PMC. Are you looking for 5+ channels, or two-channel only? You could probably do used PMC for <$2K; Meridian would be tough.

Or... multi-channel HT amps are pretty cheap. get a pair of semi-efficient mini monitors and call it a day. I like VS-1s but there are a ton of other great options.
bm5a is more detailed/neutral

mackie sounds fuller/warmer