MacBook Pro vs Aurender S10 or W20

Hi everyone

I currently use a MBPro with a SSD and a WD external hard drive, both driven by battery.

I am tempted by one of the Aurenders, but ONLY if it improved SQ (rather than just convenience or GUI).

Does anyone have experience of making this switch or has tried both, and therefore able to give advice on the relative SQs?



Your Mac setup is good, but no where as advanced as the kind of clock and anti jittering solutions in the Aurender.

In a recent review of the new Lumin a network server, same as the Aurender except with a Nas, the Lumin was considered to outperform even the Aurender

I am awaiting my sample of the Lumin but the review was very impressive. a very happy owner of a Lumin Network Music Player i can assure you...i think..that you will be extremely happy with the is a superb product.Because of the Lumin my system is all computer more meitner more more multiple cables strung behind my equiptment...just glorious sound.i use the LuminServer and have an imac/ mountainlion setup. very simple and very good.i do not use the Lumin app with my ipad but instead use the Linn 'Kinsky' app.i find it works better for me.the dsd downloads are superb with the Lumin. good luck