Mac used with windows cd server problem.

I have an new Exemplar Audio server with a Window XP operating system. I am using VNC Chicken to do a remote desktop on both a borrowed IBM touch pad and a Mac PowerPC G3 867. Everything works with the IBM, but the Mac times out in trying to make the connection. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. Do I need to get a Windows machine?
have you tried rdc for mac? It is available on the microsoft.con/mac page.
The Mac I was going to use is OS 10.3.9 and this rdc requires OS 10.4.11. If the rdc is good, it would be worth buying OS 10.4. Have you used it?
PE, I downloaded MS RDC. It didn't work, saying either the requested computer wasn't on, that the password was wrong, or that there was a network problem. I suspect that I don't know the users name. I am checking on this now. Thanks for the help.
I got it working with the help of an IT guy. You do have to use a switchback cable, not withstanding what Apple says. Also you need to make changes in the Sharing files folder. I thought for a brief moment that I might have to buy a Windows machine, parish the thought!
I should also say that VNC is far superior to MS Remote Desk Control.