Mac MC152 vs Conrad-Johnson MF2275

I wonder if anybody have firsthand experience with this two amps (mentioned in the title). Which one have more liquid, transparent, musical, detailed sound? One of them will substitute LFD Zero III integrated I used as power amp with tube Mac preamp.
I had a Conrad Johnson MF2550 amp connected to a Rogue RP-5 tube preamp.  I found the sound to be very slow, thick and syrupy.  I am driving Golden Ear Triton Reference speakers.  I then went to the McIntosh MC152 at 100wpc less and the sound was night and day.  Great bass and a very smooth and detailed treble but not harsh.  I traded in the MC152 last year (got more than I initially paid for it) and bought the McIntosh MC302 mated to a Mac C2500 tube preamp.

I was extremely disappointed with the CJ amp and expected a much better sound.  The CJ was a 4 month old amp and already broken in which I purchased from The Music Room.  I broke it in for another 500 hours but no change to the sound.  I am extremely satisfied with the McIntosh equipment.
Thanx a lot! Really useful. One more things, I wonder how MC302 improved the sound of your system in comparison to MC152? Was it really your new amp., or maybe it was C2500? Obviously for 3.5K you can by more wpc then from MC152, but does it improve anything if I rarely use more then 20-25 watts of power?
The MC152 has more than enough power plus it is high current.  The MC302 gave me a slightly larger soundstage, that is pretty much it.