Luxman L-590 AX

Just noticed Luxman has released the L-590 AX in Japan. Have not found anything about it in english except the specs.

Translation of a Japanese stereo website

and from the Luxman website but it does not show any details.

The question is does the L-590 AX sound the same as the L-590a II but with different features(no loudness but does have seperate button, does not hide the knobs on the front like the L-590a II) or has Luxman managed to take the L-590 AX to the next level?

Luxman has also released the DA-200 USB DAC by combining the P-1u headphone amp and the D-05.
Sorry, can't comment on the AX but I am jazzed about the DAC. I have been waiting for Luxman to release a dedicated DAC in their lineup. Looking forward to reviews!
The Luxman P-1U is around $3000 and the Luxman D-05 is around $5000 so if the DA-200 is a mix of the two with other goodies added in then I'm guessing $3500-4000 for it here in the US.

It is around $2000 in Japan right now. So maybe $3000 in the US not sure about Europe.
Luxman's japanese website added some info on the L-590 AX.

also the DA 200