Luxman DA -06 Dac

Thinking of purchasing a Luxman DA-06 Dac. Going to hook a PS Audio Memory player to it and then analogue xlr to a Cary preamp. My question: anyone have knowledge of this Dac?
Thanks to all. I own the PS Audio
memory player and presently have it hooked to a Cary 200ts Dac. Running to a Cary preamp. 
Incimental upgrades I’ve found to be not wise.
If my wallet could afford it, I’d go flagship Berkeley. But 20 k Dacs aren’t in my budget. Ayon stealth is my new target. Luxman compared to Cary 200ts Dac finds small change. Ayon doesn’t win the Munich electronics show awards consistently for nothing. Audio Research Dac -9 is another consideration. However, I’ve never heard bad about Luxman. Luxman is some of Japan’s best. Thanks again to all. I appreciate different views. Pennsy
Your continued use of the PS Audio Memory Player (MP) suggests it is serving you well and sounding good. The MP paired with the Luxman DAC should be superb as grannyring clearly noted  above. I don’t know to what degree the Luxman may exceed the Cary 200ts but for certain the Luxman DA-06 is very highly regarded.

The Ayon and Audio Research DAC 9 are quite worthy I’m sure but my suspicion is that you’d be very pleased with the Luxman in your system.
Charles 1Dad: I’m sure your advice is correct. I’m a fan of the MP and PS Audio. 
Well at least their Transports! Anyhow, bigger money doesn’t always mean better. I’ve learned that the hard way. Will the Luxman make a large difference over the Cary 200ts. Well, who knows for sure without purchasing the Luxman. Blending of multiple unit systems can be a challenge. I’m starting after 60k , to believe the the integrated fans and reduction of multiple cables relieves introduction of jitter. But I’m digressing, Ayon I know would absolutely make a difference, however 8k Dacs should. I’m 56 , and Audio Research has been quality longer than that. I think after the holidays, I’ll make my decision. Thanks for your advice. 
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I just set up my new Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK2 transport. Incredible SQ. Surprised to find no manual for a $2,000 transport, but no issues with set up. Remote functions didn’t work; maybe batteries are required. 😂😂
Does anyone have a change to compare Wyred4sound  DAC-2v2 SE with Luxman DA-06? I'm thinking to replace  DAC-2v2 SE with DA-06 to match with Luxman L-509X.