Luxman 505u matching

Hi All,

An audiophile newbie here and wanted to get some advice/opinion on system matching with the Luxman 505u integrated. Any thoughts on how it would work with Dynaudio Special 25?
Also, how would it match with a Linn DSM streamer?

Hey Double! I am lokking to get a Luxman 505 and was curious what you ended up doing?
I have the Luxman and use via balanced inputs an Oppo 105 into a pair of Proac 2.5's.

Great sound and it may well be still running in as both units were new.
Using the 505ux(last 2 days, still in warming up) with Totem model 1(sounded detailed and smooth at the demo, I did take the speakers for demo, at home, the midrange is missing and highs are bit harsh),other forums, mentioned about Harbeth and Sonus faber are good with Luxman amps.
Not sure how long the burn will take place, to have the similar sound heard in the demo..
Murgeshj, it will hard to recreate the sound you heard at the demo unless your room is exactly the same. Keep in mind that room dimensions and acoustic treatments have a huge impact on the sound.
currently using totem model 1 along with the luxman 505ux and Audiolab cd8200, seems to be bright, looking for other options..just had the audition with ATC scm11, midrange warmness, less bright then Totem model 1..
Advices for matching speaker for luxman 505ux are welcome...
I sold the Luxman l505ux yesterday, couldn't live with it coming from tube