LS 3/5

What is a LS 3/5 speaker & What are the strength & weaknesses? Who makes the best LS 3/5A? Spendor? harbeth? Proac?
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To my knowledge, ProAc does not make an LS 3/5A. The genuine article has to do with licensing from the BBC and meeting certain manufacturing parameters of quality and specifications.

Up for debate as to best vintage and manufacturer. Generally, the 11 and 15 ohm versions were considered to be the standard, not the latter versions.

Strengths are definitely midrange. I've owned a couple of pairs over the years which continually took out new models of supposed great monitors of other manufacturers in the $2,000 range. Vocals and piano reproduction are almost unmatched.

Imaging can be to the point of making the speakers disappear completely.

Weaknesses are; lack of dynamics, very difficult component matching at times with the odd 15 ohm impedence and of course the lack of commanding bass. This speaker presents a colored presentation of the material. It is a very pleasant coloration though.

However, when set up correctly, it is magical.
The Rogers LS3/5a 15ohm with screwed on backs (not the glued on)
Here is the thread at Agon which might answer many questions you may have about LS3/5a's