low tech rubber tweaks

I read a post by Jejaudio in which he described a technique he uses with some success:
"I went to the hardware store. Strolling down the plumbing aisle there it was...A simple Sillcock Handle(round, out side faucet handle)
Combine this with 1\2 round chromium steel balls grade 25. That's 7 balls per handle 6 under the faucet handle, one on top. This one ball is the one that will be touching your unit. I use 3 faucet handles per device. That's 21 balls per units. The 1\2 balls fit in the slots on the faucet handle perfectly."

now don't laugh...but my question is...if rubber helps to eliminated the vibrations which would work better
1) hockey puck on bottom, vibrapod on top of that, superball on top of that?
2) Jejaudio's idea substituted with superballs?

I plan on getting a bunch of superballs, hockepucks and faucets thingers and trying this all out for myself for the fun of it:)
just wondering if you had any predictions!
whats the objective, other than a trip to the hardware store? i hate plumbing!! go 4 it!!
If you get a bunch of 1" superballs, try this:

Cut three of them in half. Put three of the half-balls on your shelf, put a sheet of plywood or MDF on top of the half-balls, and then put the other three half-balls on top of the sheet with your component on top of this.

It makes a very secure platform that eliminates a lot of vibration. This works great under my tube amps.

go to audioasylum and search for "balls and stones" in the tweaks asylum. Lots of interesting commentary on superballs, etc.
When you're done, we'd love to see photos! Good luck w/the mission.
Geoff, Unless, as Rcreations suggested, you just want to go to the hardward store, which is fun in itself, remember that most everything has a resonance at one hz or another. When you change from one isolation devise to another, for the most part all you are doing is changing the frequency at which the resonance occurs. Best to have a problem which you need to solve in the first place, otherwise it will just be a fun adventure. But who knows you might actually luck into solving a problem you didn't know you had.
Can you turn the faucet one way for a warmer sound and the other way for cooler?
I just use a whole bunch of wine corks between my 4' speakers that lay on their sides because they are the two-channel 'front end' of my home theater. If they were sitting upright, it would block my screen.

The wine corks eliminate vibration to the hardwood floors.
Unclejeff: You're not fooling anyone if you say that you just bought the bottled wine to get the corks. The vibrations to the floor are still there, but you just can't tell anymore : ) Sean
Actually Sean, the vibrations do drop to the point that I can't detect them anymore.

I never said I buy wine for the corks---although, as I re-read my post, I can't help but be grateful that you didn't pick-up on the fact that I lay my 4' high speakers on their sides---commenting that they might start to look more familiar, normal that is, as the evening progresses........
...you just beat one of us to it, Unclejeff!
Hi,Geoffgarcia. I still use my sillcock handle tweak in my main 2-channel system. It has worked very well for me. So well in fact I have stopped trying to find something better to replace them. With that said, I can understand why some are less than convinced. I have added an "end-cut" maple cutting board 1-1\2 inch thick. I place 3 solid rubber official(used) NHL hockey pucks $1.00 dollar per puck. From top to bottom it goes... CD player - Sillcock handle tweak - 1-1\2 "End-Cut maple cutting board - 3 rubber hockey pucks which sit on your rack shelf. This works very well on EVERTHING in my system. I at first had the sillcock handle under the maple cutting boards as well as under the componet in my system. It sounded a little bright on some cd's. When I replaced the sillcock handle under the cutting boards with the rubber hockey pucks there was a rightness to the music. The hockey pucks work great with the 1-1\2 maple cutting boards. As a whole everything sounds very good. BTW I have also created my own version of the Shatki Hallograph that sounds great. I found this "Strolling down the lumber aisle"