looking to upgrade.... finally

Some years ago I had an lower grade onkyo 605. I paid about 450 new. It sounded ok. I wanted to upgrade my speakers. I ended up purchasing paradigm studio 80s v2. They sounded AMAZING. The guy was running an RX-V1500. i hooked them up to my 605 and i was dissapointed. So not caring too much about HDMI (used optical for audio) i purchased the same amp. Since then I have added 3 paradigm LCR450s. Great speakers. Anyway i'm looking to finally add HDMI into the mix.

What is peoples opinions on the RX-V3800. I know it goes back to 07 but i think it would give me what I need.

I'm pretty happy with the way the yamahas sound but up for listening to other suggestions.

I have no interest in a more current lower end model.

I don't know anything about that particular Onkyo, but I know that the many early HDMI audio receivers use pretty poor HDMI transceiver chips.  The HDMI sections had a higher than normal failure rate.  Be careful and do a lot of research on any specific chosen models.  I think the newer stuff is using better ICs.
Well I moved away from that onkyo years ago. 

It it never failed me and with decent small speakers - it's sounded pretty nice.

i was looking to move to a higher end Yamaha, one that's old enough that it's dropped in price but high enough Quality that it will suit my purpose. The Yamaha rx-v3800 is the one I've been focusing on. HDMI 1.3a, 140wpc.