Looking to re-build my system.... Cary SLP 05

Anyone else has this wonderful preamp? I'm looking to rebuild my system and I'm going to start with the preamp and then amp... then source and speakers. Looking to get back with a Cary SLP 05 preamp.

I had experience with this preamp about 6 years ago, wonderful guy and tube rolled well for me. I have some remaining Sylvania 6sn7 tubes lying around from when I owned the 05 but I did note that I sold my Philips mini watt rectifier tube at some point a few years ago.

Anyone else have great experiences with this preamp? If you upgraded from the 05, what did you upgrade to? The Audio Research Reference 5 perhaps??
I have been lucky to have the Cary SLP-05 for several years now. I tried all the famous 6SN7 tubes and found I like the 6F8G's better. I also installed 1 pair of the Marconi BL-63 tubes and the performance kicked up another notch.The umbilical is a cryogenically treated replacement and performance fuses were installed. I recently replaced the rectifier tube with a metal based GZ34 NOS Phillips Miniwatt which was well worth the expense. The stock preamp is excellent but with a little tube rolling , it can be a knockout.
He has the Cary SLP 05 tube preamp with the Cary CAD 500 MB amps, Cary Audio Design 306 cd player and these cool looking DIY speakers.
Just purchased the SLP 05.... is there any difference between the original and the newer versions? I noticed the front faceplate is a little different.
Yeah I've owned the 05 in the past and I agree... The Philips miniwatt tube was a great improvement. I've rolled some sylvanias into it and it was a good move
Towards the sound I liked.
I love my '05 with NOS Sylvania 6SN7s and NOS Philips Holland metal base 5AR4. I run mine single-ended so only need 4 premium 6SN7s, just left the stock EH tubes in the balanced output and headphone amp positions.
Right now I'm at full eh tubes up top. Someone offered me the nos Philips miniwatt metal base for $275. So I'll take that and I going to have a great rectifier tube.

Someone offered two popes tubes for $ 375... Deal or no?