Looking for record stores in Orlando

I did the usual searches and this is what i found. Any others? Mostly interested in used LP's and used gear. Any thrifts stores worth checking out? TIA

rock and roll heaven
retro records
park ave cd's
waxtree records
drop shop
lady j's record shop

absolute sound
It looks as if Waxtree records is now closed ?


Have been to Park ave cd's a few times and havent really noticed to much vinyl there....

Rock and Roll Heaven has a huge selection of vinyl and prices range from $4 to ? .

Under the record bins are cabinet doors and while there are no signs saying to stay out, I was in there looking at albums and saw a Eagles album that had no price tag and asked if the wife could find out how much it was....the owner comes back and tells me repeatedly that I have no business going through there. I apologized numerous times, but it wasnt enough for him, so we put our albums back and left. Havent returned since.

If you want to go to the Sanford Flea Market, there is a vendor there that I do all my buying from and contact me via email and I will give you more info.

The Drop Shop looks like its more for DJ's and House music.


No thrift stores that I know of in the Orlando area...
I will back up the sanford flea market. I go there and I have gone cross state. I live in jax. Mr Music I think his booth is called, has the best selection and fair prices. I found a really rare Syd Barret album there and last time I went saw a ton of frank zappa, I cant wait to go visit next weekend when I will have monies!