Looking for Dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers

Hello everyone
I’m looking for dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers.l need 2. I use Dynaudio specification Contour IV.

I believe this is the only way they were ever made. the 06 designation being a nominal of 6 ohms, and that is akin to the expected 8 ohms. As in, written up in the dynaudio specs as the 8 ohm version. Check and compare carefully.

Check your woofer’s numerical designations. Seek advice, if needed.

Your woofers are also re-fomable, no big deal. If you actually still have working ones with just bad foam.

Also, this guy probably still has the 4 drivers ready for re-foaming.
To this day, still a wonderful woofer.