Looking for diffuseres that works at a close range

Many diffuseres only works when sitting 3m or more away from them.
I found two kind that's works at close range binary amplitude diffuser and polycylindrical sound diffuser.

I can easily see why the polycylindrical diffuser works. But the binary works with absorption and scatter/diffusion.
The binary looks nice but do the work?

Let me hear about yours experience with diffuseres.

A short intro to different kinds of difuseres https://www.gikacoustics.com/decoding-diffusion-acoustic-solutions/?fbclid=IwAR3TTR4idIclPNh26na7zBq...

I have used BAD panels from RPG at pretty close range (~60 cm). They were very good at dampening and diffusing reflections from the wall behind the listener. The panels acoustically disappear: that is, they don't create a dead zone like an absorber, nor do they create distinct reflections like a bare wall (or well diffuser). I found them excellent for the application.