Looking for comments on Decware preamps

I am considering the purchase of one of these preamps (ZTPRE or ZL) and am looking for comments on the sonic signature and system synergy. These preamps appear to be relativey price competitive.
Try running a search of the Tube Forum @ audioasylum.com.

They also have a "full site" search feature (click on the word "search" located in the uppper left portion of a forum page, not the search "box").

I've seen pro reviews of Decware's integrated amp and one of their stereo power amps, but not of their preamps. If there is one it's probably linked from the Decware site.

Since being screwed by a pro reviewer the company's owner/designer may not be too keen on pro writers in general (can't say I'd blame him if this were the case). If the info regarding this incident is still available @ the Decware site you should check it out as it's an interesting read. I found it interesting anyway as the writer involved has always been my least favorite (by leaps and bounds) in the industry.
I have a ZTPRE that I have modified using Muticap Film and Foil caps as well as Audiocap Theta Film and Foil caps. I have been very happy with the unit. It is a true dual mono design and it's very uncolored. I do not too much experience with other tube preamps but if you were looking for a unit that's reasonably priced and based on a minimalist design principles then the Decware should be amongst your top 3 choices. I noticed that recently their prices did go up and I was wondering when Steve would do that as it was a steal at about $ 1K. I believe he's offering the new units with a better volume controls which should make even a greater improvement. I also owned the ZLSA preamp and liked the ZTPRE better. The soundstage is wider and more holographic with the ZTPRE. You feel surrounded by the music.