Looking for an outstanding DAC

I own a CHORD DAC64 connected to an Audiomecca MEPHISTO II-X transport. But I feel I could get more out of my transport. Looking for a 2nd hand DAC (Therefore EMM DCC2 is out for now). I also don't like tube electronics. I am hesitating between a DCS Purcell+ELGAR combo or a Weiss Medea DAC. Any recommandations? Thanks!
I also have the Chord DAC 64 and have been very pleased. I still believe its a bargain and made a big difference in what was already an excellent system. But I too wanted to experiment with another DAC. I purchased a second hand, mint dcs Elgar and Purcell and am glad I did. It's more refined and not as agressive as the Chord (especially when the buffer on the Chord is all the way up) Just my two cents. See if you can audition the dcs gear at home to see if it even makes any difference in your system. It might not be to your liking. In my system it's a thumbs up.
Why not try CHORD BLU transport with dac64? Fuller sound, better soundstage & detail. I have this combo but don't know how it compares with DCS.
If you really enjoy listening to music and not all that audiophile BS, then you may want to audition a Muse Model Ten tranny with their Model 192 DAC or their new Model Eleven player.
How about Audiomeca's own Enkianthus DAC.. I have heard great things about it. Pricy, but used is always nice for price.
This one is very new to the market, but I am doing a demo in my home system, its from April Music, its the Stello DA220....this DAC is absolutely incredible. All the features necessary in a great dac, unbelievible sound stage (width & depth) Clean, accurate, fast, and tight.....of course this is all subjective and only you can decide if you like its sound. It fits nicely into my system, which is all solid state from Classe 2x 101 amps, a 47.5 changer, Sonus Faber Grand P's and all custom built cables. I am using their cd transport, and comparing it against multiple cd players that I own w/ Digital outs. All players sound great through the DAC, and their transport is killer. Check out aprilmusic.com
Why don't you mod the transport?
Please do yourself a favor and audition the Enkianthus X.

Best regards.
Don't know what the rest of your system is, but you can eliminate the need for a separate DAC and preamp with a TacT M/S2150. Excellent sound amp. They just lowered their
Harmonix Reimyo DAP-777 If you love music this is the one. Hands down the best I've heard at any price.
I have finally opted for the DCS Combo (Purcell+ELGAR). The results are outstanding and far outperformed the DAC64. I did not have the chance to listen to the Blu, but I am very happy with my Mephisto + DCS combo. Note that the digital cables play a critical role in this setup. I finally chose Tara Labs the One: perfect neutrality and all the details without an inch of agressivity. Thank you all for the input.
Vinyldoes I too liked the Reimyo DAP-777,but when I called a dealer and heard the price I almost went on cardiac arrest. Thats serious dough.

Enjoy the music
George, there is a used one for $2,300 on Audigon. Can't beat it for the price. I just bought a used one from overseas for $2,250. I will be posting a review shortly on it.
Maybe I am confusing it with something else ,but if memory serves me well,I e-mailed a dealer for it,and he said it lists for 17000$ but he had a demo give-away for 15000$.
It was a japanese make ,it must be that,unless they have a higher model than .Actually wait a minute ,yes it was a stand-alone Reimyo cd player not a dac.
George: I think the quality of the DAC is much more important then the quality of the transport part of a cd player. So if you buy the used DAC you are getting most of the quality of the Reimyo CD player at a fraction of the price. I also purchased a brand new CAL-2500 DVD player and plan on purchasing an XLR digital cable to link it to the DAP-777. However, just using an HT digital cable, I am hearing much better resolution than I have ever heard before.
Yioryos, you're referring to the Reimyo CD player which does retail, at least in the US, for $17,000. What else could you buy for $17,000?
Personally I wouldn't spend that much for a cd-player,I seen the player in a picture ad and wasn't impressed either.
But it might be a killer unit in terms of sound,again I don't know. I am happy with my Krell .For 17000 grand I could check some speakers though.
MSB TECH Platium
The price of the Reimyo DAC has been reduced to $4500 US. I bought a demo for $3100 and used they run about $2400. It is close but not exactly the same processer as the CD player. The CD player is $17000. The build quality is exceptional. I think this is the finest DAC I have ever heard if you are looking for that detailed analog sound that seams impossible from digital recordings. I am just in love with this product so I highly recommend it. You will notice an improvement with the first note you hear.
Zanden,Weiss and EMM would be on my short list. All depends on the flavor you're seeking.

Heard the Reimyo at a friend's and it's very good also.

Best of Luck.