Looking for advise

I am in process of setting up my HT. I need some advise about decent electrical power line protector / conditioner and some good cables to connect my components.

I have:
Hitachi HDTV 65SWX20B
Denon AVR3803
Denon DVD2800 MK II
Speakers PSB Image
HDTV Receiver Zenith HD-SAT520

I am fairly new to this, so any help would greatly appreciated.

depends on your budget, check out the PS Audio products like the Ultimate Outlets and there interconnects and power director. Happy Listening!

I checked the PS Audio product - excelent reviews. But you are crrect - depends on my budget. What I had in mind was conditioner with sticker price < $500. What do you think about Monster Cable PowerCenter™ HTS3600.????
Do you have any suggjestion.

I like Adcom much better than monster. You can pick up a used adcom conditioner/surge protector for around $100, ie adcom ACE 515.
I would not try to complete you task all at once with your budget so what I would do is purchase two Ultimate Outlets used here on AGON and this will set you back around $500 or so. I would use one for the dennon avr and one for the dennon dvd. When the budget allows, I would work on a few interconnects as you can pick up a few pairs in the $150 - $200 price range
1. Two U/O = $500
2. Two pairs inteconnects = $400
3. Two power cords for U/O = $200 - $400 approx.
4. Power Plant P-600 used for $1300
Do this in steps as it's better on the wallet! These are great upgrades to do as U/O work great, I have five of them along with a power plant P-600 and have not heard anything that compares with the PS products.
Don't waste your money on the monster products as they will do very little for your system! Happy Listening!
All the recommendations you guys made are GREAT but I am running out of money trying to complete my HT. Down the road I am planning on upgrading my power delivery system – but for now I thinking about purchasing (1) 15 Amps PS HC Ultimate Outlet, (3) decent PS Power Cords and (1) PS Juice Bar.
My Denon AVR3803 would be plugged directly into UO using PS Power Cord and rest of the equipment I would plugged into PS Juice Bar (which would be coming out of second outlet in OU).

Am I wasting my time and money or is this OK for start ????.
Any opinion or changes to my set-up would be greatly appreciated.

I just found this forum. I feel like a little kid in the candy store with all my silly questions.
You guys are great.
You may want to pick up a few used Lab power cords as you can get then for around $175-$225 for each here on agon. Happy tuning