Looking for advice on streaming

I just recently purchased Hegel H160 and GE Triton One's.  I am looking for some advice on streaming and organizing my music collection.  I just purchased a Synology NAS DS218+ should arrive today.

The Hegel H160 has a decent DAC and also supports Airplay.  I am wondering if I need to go through my old IMac or if the NAS can go direct into the H160.  https://roononnas.org/synology/
Also would you recommend getting a Node2i or another device for streaming/DAC

I plan on using Tidal and trying Roon for the trial period once set up but am open to other suggestions on software.

Thanks for any help in advance!
Can you return the Hegel
I bought it as a demo so do not think I can return but did get a good deal on it.  Curious why would I return?  I really like it with the GE Triton 1.  I also heard Hegel was working on being Roon ready.