Looking for a phone pre to go with my McIntosh MA-6600.

Have always wanted to try a moving coil cartridge with my system which includes a VPI prime currently with a Ortofon 2M black.  I want something which is well matched to the Mac which has an input impedance of 20k ohms.  I see this is lower than most so will it impact what I can match with this receiver?  Looking to spend no more than 2-3k on the top end.  I want it to be flexible enough as I am not sure yet on cartridge.  I am figuring $1-$2k to start.  Thanks.
I can only speak from experience from MC phono stages I've owned previously in that price range, but I had good results with Liberty B2B, Aesthetix Rhea, EAR 834P and Manley Chinook. Currently using Manley Steelhead which may be out of your range. Also, though I've yet to hear one, many cite the Herron VTPH-2 as excellent.
I think Mac makes one for around 2K.