Looking for a amplifier. Need help. ML Classe


I am looking for a power amplifier but I don't know which one I should get. I use to own a Denon POA-S10 power amp, before I sold it so that I can upgrade my amplifier. In the meantime, i am using a Denon POA-T3 as a temp until I get a power amplifier. I never owned this amplifier so I don’t know how they sound. I need some help because most of these amplifier I have to order it online or through a phone. I am looking for a good power amplifier that is going to last me for a long time. My price range is up to $3,500.00. All of these power amplifiers that I pick out are used. I need some help, suggestion, and recommend which amplifier I should get or look into.

Mark Levinson 332 ($3200)
Classe CA-400 ($2800)
Classe CA-301 ($3100)
Pass Labs X250 ($3600)


My System:
Mark Levinson No. 380 Preamp
ProAc Reponse 2.5 Speaker
Denon DP-S1 CD Transport
Classe DAC-1 D/A Converter
Denon POA-T3 Power Amp (Temp)
Denon POA-S10 Monoblocks (had before)
Stealth Vandrig XLR & AES/EBU
MIT Shotgun RCA Interconnect
Kimber Monocle XL Speaker Cable
I think you should try the Pass Lab 250.
Have you thought a tube amp? Pro-ac speakers do really well with tubes.
I have never tried anything else on your list but I have two Ca 400's and I am very pleased with them.
I agree with Scon90, the ProAcs would sound great with some high power tube amps like an ARC VT200, which should be obtainable for your price.

I think it would be a significant improvement over all of the fine amps you mentioned.
I own a Classe CA 300, and love it. I believe the CA 301 includes some of the new Omega-class circuit design.
Tube amps can sound very nice but they have to be up to the task of driving possibly difficult speakers. I have owned Audio Research VT100 MKII and currently use the Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a tube amp in my system.

As for solid-state amps, I think Classe is outstanding especially considering its reasonable price (compared to some megabuck brands). I owned Classe CA-200 and listened to my friend's CA-400's. They both sound very good to my ears.
Mark Levinson 332, Mark Levinson 332, Mark Levinson 332....
In my humble opinion, the best for the money.The biggest problem is just moving the 150 lb. beast around.
Need I say more. I own two of them in biamped mode.
It will also work great with your ML380.
Thanks for all your help.
For the tube issue. Since i live with my brother we both share this room which is dedicated for our music. He has his system on one side and i have minds on the other side.
His system is a Sony SCD-1, Sonic Frontier Line 3, Sonic Frontier Power 3, and B&W Nautilus 803s.

After reading the post on the tubes with ProAc. You are right, it sound incredible with the speakers. Better then the B&W 803s. Very smooth and sweet sound. Amazing.