Looking for 5.1 speakers for Denon AVR 3805

I don't have to much knowledge on AV an speaker system. What I am planning is to set up a system for home theater and music. Maybe the nusic is much more important. I looked for B&W 6 and 7 series, dynaaudio, vienna accustics Beethoven series. It seems that I liked the VA Beethovens. But I never had a chance to listen with my AV receiver. Do you have a suggestion? My budget is around 5-10K USD. Do you think it is better to use same brand for center and sub as well
I think that your speaker choices may out-class the receiver. The processing in your Denon should be fairly good. I would get a good 2 or 3 channel amp for the front L/R or front L/C/R. The pre-outs on teh receiver will allow you to use external amplifiers. This can make a bigger difference than putting great speakers in front of a modest receiver amplifier. For your receiver as-is (no external amp) your choices look good. Check out the Von Schweikert stuff too.

Good luck!
I was int he same boat I have 2 denon 3805 it will power the speakers but the fidelity will not be there also the bass may be weak B&W need some good amps, do a search. Now with that being said you can get good speakers and get better equipnment later. But if you want the best in sound cut the speaker buget a bit and get seprates and cables. You will wind up with better sound in the end.

The sub can be any brand, However THE CENTER MUST MATCH THE SIDES. That speaker you want voiced the same as the sides and will have about 80% of your sound for HT. It is your most important speaker for HT so don't get a small one.
thanks for the replies. I think I have gone to far for speaker selection. I think for a start up 3805 should be good enough. So can you suggest a speaker for my receiver. If you still think that it is better to use amplifier then what do you suggest. I was thinking 3805 was good enough for audio and video that is why I selected it. I used very cheap speakers. I started to get bored with the sound that I am getting. That is why I am looking new and good set of speakers.
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My brother uses a Denon 3803 with 5 M&K speakers and a M&K
subwoofer and it sounds just fine in a 2 1/2 car garage he converted
into a home theater/play room.

Best of Luck
2nd the Denon/NHT oppinion. Great combo that performs exceptionaly well at the price point (overused but appropriate word- Synergy). Surround processors (in receiver or seprate form) get outdated quickly if not in processing modes (virtually useless)then in processing POWER. I recomend to anyone to buy good speakers and good amplifiers because they do not become worthless 5 years after purchase. Using a good receiver as a pre-pro will limit you a little for music and surround tweeking but it should be no great loss.

In short your speaker choices look fine. Demo them at home with your equipment. If your dealer will not let you then don't buy from him. If you are going to buy without demo (A'gon)good luck. Not that buying from A'gon is bad in any way but without listening to a speaker in your system in your room you will not be making an informed purchase. Von Schweikert VR-1 is a huge bang for the buck, sounds good with modest equipment, and will not break the bank. Iwould still go with the NHT for HT and wait a while for a good 2 channel system that will make you reach true stereo nirvana (yea... that is not a slippery slope of expensive gear).

Good luck!