Looking at upgrading to a new MC cartridge any thoughts?

Hi everyone I had recently just bought a new Rega RP8 turntable and bought a Dynavector 20X2L as my first moving coil cartridge to see what all the hype is on MC. I was thinking of getting a second cartridge and use this one as a back up. I was looking at the dynavector XX2 MKII. over the 17D3 Because Im worried bout the diamond cantilever and getting dust very easily on it. But for the same money I could get the Rega Apheta2. So I must ask is the dynavector xx2 better preforming cartridge over the Aphata 2? Whats your guys thoughts on this?
Another vote for the XX2 MkII.  I found it a distinct improvement from the 17D3.  It especially likes tube preamps, FWIW.

Have fun!
The Art 9 could be a too high compliant cartridge for a mid-mass Rega arm.Less than 8Hz resonance whereas the preferred Dynavector looks a good match at almost 11Hz tonearm/cartridge resonance.
effischer The phono preamp Is a all tube triode class A preamp and have a SUT with it that bounces the gain up to 73db. I think I should be good for xx2. My only question is how is the bass on the 17d3 compared to the 20x2L? I just like the price point of the 17D3 over the XX2.

my first moving coil cartridge to see what all the hype is on MC.

So what's the hype, Jake? 
Which MM did you tried before?