looking at some tube preamps,

Looking at the following:
1. Grounded Grid from Transcendentsound
2. The two Symphony and Symphony Plus from YS-Audio.
3. The Foreplay Extended III from Bottlehead
4. DIYHIFISupply preamp
5. Juicy Music Peach
6. AE3 or AE3JDH from Upscal Audio

The reason I picked these prees, is because the impedance is under 800 Ohms. I can adjust my amp's impedance so it likes the impedance it sees from the preamp.

Regards and happy listeming
Ray Bronk
No experience with any of the others but I'm extremely happy with my AE3-DJH. The build quality is wonderful and I've been amazed at how transparently it responds to swapping tubes. Even upgrading the stock tube rectifier made a huge difference in the sound. It was exactly what I was looking for, three inputs, remote control, very high quality parts and a sound that opens up the music in a way I haven't ever had in any of my systems.
You may also want to check out (Mapletree preamps).

I might just consider that AE3 preamp. The Mapletree stuff seems like a good deal too. Will have to check out his website and other reviews.