Look for electronic screws - cant find any


My amp cover - Classe. Some of the screws are loosing their threads and where can you buy those type of screws?

I can find them any where?
Hex screws as well would help

Try here.
I just looked at the screws on my Classe Cap-151. They are philips screws. Either way I'd take one to the hardware store and try and match it. Good luck.
Herman's advice is probably the best - if Classe has true cusomer support (many/most companies won't deal with screws).

If that fails, google "machine screws", or simply "screws". then you can spend hours trying fo find the exact one you're looking for, only to find out you need to spend $75 to buy a crate of them. good luck . . .

I'll be surprised if you find the exact replacement at the hardware store, unless it's a very standard size/type/material.
Screws will be metric or standard.Some hardware stores with a knowledgeable fellow who has a thread pitch gauge will easily help you in your quest.This needs to be done in person,forget online sources unless your disabled or lazy....