Look for an amplifier for Alon I


I'm looking for an integrated amp or pre+poweramp for my ALON I (not mkII). Could you suggest me some choices?

My current choices are Krell 300i (int), Classe CAP151 (int), McCormack DNA-1 (poweramp), NAD S300 (int), and NAD C370 (int).

Thank in advance
I had a pair of Alon I's once upon a time. I drove them with an Acurus DIA-100 mkI to great effect. Enjoy! Those are GREAT speakers! REALLY GREAT!!

What is your source?
I am currently using a pair of Alon 1's with a BK amp. It sounds very nice. I am also using a pair of Alon Petites with a Creek 4240 SE int. It also sounds nice.

BTW, when you say that yours are not mkII, are you referring to the very first release? The ones that some people complained about a nasal-like sound? If so, are you trying to compensate for that?

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Of those listed, IMHO, the Classe is the best fit, with much higher resolution of details than the NADs, and a warmer balance than the Krell. However, a tube amp is really the way to go. VTL & Alon have a nice synergy. Manley Labs, which offers many nice integrateds, would be great, too.
Cheers, Spencer