Loading times / problems on Agon ???

Have any of you had problems with Agon loading up very slowly / the server timing out / pages not available as of lately ? I have been noticing this for a while and sent an email to the "powers that be" at Agon. Their response is that they have not had any other comments about this, so they've never looked into it. I know that others have had problems as i've seen a comment or two about it in relatively recent threads.

As such, i've you've been having problems, please chime in and respond to this thread. The more info that you can provide for Agon, the more likely they are to be able to resolve this problem. If you could include the appr time of when you run into the most problems, what those problems are, etc ...

Personally, i run into problems between 10 AM and 1 PM CST and then again at 9 - 10 PM. Most of the time, i'll either have to wait a long period of time for the page to load up or i'll get a "this page is not available" notice. I know that this is not a problem on my end as i can go to a dozen other sites and they all load up just as fast as usual. This may be more apparent to those of you with high speed connections. I am typically connected at 1200 - 1600 Kbps, so a big drop in connection speed is easily noticed.

Anyone else experiencing problems, similar or not ? Sean
I noticed a problem this morning. From about 1 to 3 A.M. (PDT). Same problems that you described. "Could not locate website" every time I tried to navigate to a different page. Clicked the "refresh" and the page opened, but VERY SLOWLY. I had a bunch of other windows opened, and I'm using an older, slower computer with a max. of 28.8 Kbps, on a good day! (Thank you Qwest, for your antiquated phone lines!) Honestly, this has been the first time that I noticed this problem at the Agon site. As long as I keep getting my endless "spam" without any problems!!!!!
I have noticed this phenomenon since last weekend at other sites and it seems to have effected most all forum style websites I frequent. It is inconsistent and quite annoying, I dunno what's up, my firewall is not picking up any unusual activity???? Maybe this is a server problem, are the others who posted in this thread using Roadrunner? I was just suspecting roadrunner to be the problem, its a big problem at www.m3forum.com I can't navigate anything over there right now!
I too have noticed this in the past week and a half..felt like i was using a Dial Up service again, vs DSL
Last couple of days for me, off and on.
Put me down, same problem. Really slow loading times, page unavailable.

I bounce in and out at many different times, I'll try and pay attention to the times. Seems much worse past week. Couple times I moved on and gave up an A-gon.

Cable@~1.5meg downstream

I have only noticed this over the last few days, and if I do a refresh, I can usually get a response although very slow. Definitely a change in performance...
The funny thing about this is that it took me 5 times of trying to submit the original post that started this thread before it finally took. I know that others have had similar problems as they've even started a thread over on AA about this too.

I've been having problems like this on a rather sporadic basis but today was the worst i've ever seen it. While Tim mentions having problems on other sites, it is very rare for me to have problems that affect multiple sites at once. That is, unless something in the "backbone" of the internet system has got a problem.

As to Justlisten ( good to see you back ) and his comment about it feeling like dial-up rather than his DSL, i would have settled for dial-up speeds. Getting a message at turtle-speed is better than getting no message at all : ) Sean

I am usually only running at 44kbps, but I too have experienced problems the last 5-6 days. This morning 11:30 CST twice I tried to load page and got "can't find website",went to another site then back to A-gon and it came right up. Jim L.
Sean; yesterday I typed a long thoughtful response to the thread on "Best Recorded Music" (or something like that). I tried a dozen times or so and could not submit the post???-- finally got ticked off and gave up. That was mid-afternoon PST. Cheers? Craig.
Yes, count me in. Seems to be especially slow if there are any pictures attached (as might be expected I guess).

Also, it seems like all of my posts are "Pending Moderator review". I never noticed this before.
Yes, I've had a few problems like this recently, but nothing that ended a session - usually hitting refresh fixed it. It's also not the first time I've encountered such delays here, but again, for the most part they've been minor enough to ignore in the grand scheme of things. Then again, my computer and connection are pretty slow...
This morning home page was unavailable. Clicked on the new today page via my history list an got it to load ok. New today page has been slow to load with the very annoying dynamic picture ads certain advertisers seem to find necessary.
I`m glad to hear all you guys are having these problems. Guess I can`t blame Webtv on this one! LMAO Regards, Robin
I could not log on to the "new today" page yesterday.
I am experiencing this problem right now (10:50 AM on 5/1). Very slow to load. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

It has been happening quite a bit, I thought it was just my machine.
Yes, I have experienced the same in the last week or so. Maybe just a residual effect of being the best audio site on the web?
Thanks for the feedback. We are still investigating yet without answers. Everything on our machines seems to working as designed, within their limits, even during the busiest times. Thus, it must be a network related problem, which can be very tricky to track down. We will continue to investigate.

It would be helpful if some of you folks experiencing slowness could tell us which of the following parts seem to be slow to load:

1) Home page
2) New Today
3) Discussion Forums
4) My Page

If you experience slowness again, it would also be helpful if you could go the following sites and tell us how their load time compares:

These are three other servers that we can monitor, that are geographically far apart.

We appreciate your continue help in tracking down this problem.

Audiogon Tech support
Occasional instances of sticky page transitions I've noticed have occurred when trying to access Member Log In, My Page, and after clicking Submit on the forums.
Experienced a lot of slowness tonight. Anyone else?