lo-end & hi-end SACD players sound the same ?

While the difference in redbook sound was night and day, I found very limited difference between the 60 dollar used SCD 595ce and the 25 times more expensive SCD-1 on two-channel SACD recordings. The latter was a bit tighter with clearer sound-stage when i listened very carefully, but that could be my imagination. (heard both players using Cary 2A3 amps and Martin Logan Spire CLX°.

Perhaps, this proves that I dont have the right to call myself an audiophile and that my ears are not discerning enough.

Any thoughts please?

trust your ears. it's not unusual for newer, much cheaper digital to be close to or better than older top level units.

in this particular case you have one of the very first ever SACD players, the now over 9 year old SCD-1, and very recent cheap player. this new up-to-date player has the latest DAC's and so has advantages on SACD. on redbook the much better analog output stage and overall build quality and transport of the SCD-1 still yield benefits.

OTOH if you compare the low-end player to a current state of the art SACD/redbook player like the Playback Designs MPS-5; amoung serious listeners there would be no contest on SACD.
You could make the same claim with regard to the minor differences between the Oppo DV-970HD and the Sony SCD-1. Your ears are discerning in that there is very little difference in audio reproduction but a substantial difference in present value.
CD players and DAC sound quality is very subjective. I have listened to very high end soundind seperates to a Macbook with a moderatly priced tube DAC. The price to sound ratio is all over the place.
Some of the very expensive seperates is just not what they claim to be. So trust your own hearing when making comparisons.