Liveley high current integrated that gets the 1st Watt right?

Speakers: 92db 8" singledriver 8Ohm nominal, average 5 to 9 Ohm, 2x 20 Ohm swing in the bass. The cone is heavy and loves current. Needs more energy in HF and LF, detail & speed. Small room.

Thought about krell s300i, brinkmann integrated, LFD zero LE, would like to stay below 2k used. Any suggestions?

If your thinking the Krell I suggest you look at the John Curl designed Halo Intergrated, Class A for the first few watts and big current for an integrated, and it has everything else as a bonus ESS Sabre Dac if your into dsd, phono stage, and adjustable active L&R subwoofer outputs should you ever need them.

Cheers George

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