Listening Room Ceiling

I'm seeing the builder next week about finishing my basement and need advice for my listening room beforehand. I'll go with drywall for the walls but was wondering about the ceiling. Should I use drywall or maybe acoustical panels? What are the advantages of each?


Just a word of caution. We bought a new home 9 years ago. Builders "guaranteed" a DRY basement. We decided to proceed with my "dream" hifi room. Came out great. Beautiful walls, ceiling and built-in LP shelving. One (1) month later, 7 inches of water invaded our space. We've had as much as 2 feet! I suggest you think long and hard.
Sheetrock with a knockdown texture will add a nice finished look to the room.

Down side of rock over acoustical panels? Dropped suspended ceiling with lift out acoustical tiles allows future electrical or communications installations of floor above as well as your audio room.

You can put pink fibreglass batting behind sheetrock. It may help in the bass - easy and cheap to do.
Do you have any concerns about noise levels in the room above? If so, you should consider noise isolation approaches now. Drop down acoustical panels are inexpensive, but provide little or no isolation. Drywall is better, but with a few relatively simple addtional techniques isolation can be vastly improved. These involve Green Glue, 2 layers of drywall under the subfloor, R19 insulation, and 2 layers of drywall fastened to sound clips with hat channel.
Use yellow fiberglass behind the sheetrock. It's less expensive, and just as good, or better.

Did you sue?
Jim, please explain your ceiling thoughts. I am unsure what you're hoping to achieve. With your input I can provide specifics, from extensive experience.
Sorry to take so long to respond to the posts. The ceiling is only 8' high and I'm concerned that the drywall will reflect too much sound. I thought the acoustical panels my absorb a bit more. Since this is the first listening room I've planned I need all the help and expertise I can get.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

The ceiling is only 8' high and I'm concerned that the drywall will reflect too much sound.

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